Monday, December 25, 2017

Resepi Nasi Ayam Mudah

The wind is singing
The sky is clearing
I'm dancing in the kitchen
Making the nasi ayam for my family 💕

1. Clean the chicken and put them on the pot with enough water for the rice (later) and soup.
2. Boiled the chicken with the garlic (amount:selabu garlic, just ketuk the garlic and put in the water)
3. While waiting for the chicken, let's make a sauce for the chicken. All you need is red onion(3biji untuk seekor ayam)blend, cuka makan(just for 1spoon), sugar, salt, soy sauce, chilli paste(cili boh), sos tiram, and madu. Blend all together and give a taste.

4. After the chicken is ready, take them out from the pot and toss. Then dip the chicken into the sauce and marinate them for 30minutes.

Add the honey and marinate them.

5. Put the water in rice pot and put a lil'bit turmeric/serbuk kunyit and stir it before it ready to cook!

6. Making the soup
Cut the red onion into the pieces(3pcs). Put enough corn oil into the pan. After it's ready, put the red onion and fry it until the onions colours turn to gold(garing)


7. Put all rempah ratus, fry with red onions just for a few minutes (enough when it's smell nice).

8. Put them(fry red onions & rempah ratus) into soup pot and add a sugar, salt and chicken kiub. It's done! 
*you can choose to put celery(daun saderi) or not:)

It's time to fry your chicken, yeayy!

My gojes chicken is readyy!


For sambal: 
3pcs of cili padi
3pcs of cili besar
(blend both dry/sis guna blender kering)

Put it in the bowl
add cuka makan a spoon
add perahan limau

Happy trying guys💃

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