Thursday, April 16, 2015

Crossing Over - Islam in USA

It was kind of surprisingly watching this video. So many emotions expressly out that I can make it into the words. It just, “Subahanallah..” Indeed nothing was impossible by Him.

As I can't do nothing to feet you(s) firm in the middle of the ‘world’ that everybody can do everything freely, May Allah protect all of you and grant you(s) His Strength to fight in the right way all the things that gonna weak your running so that you(s) turn back to the old you; May Allah protect all of you(s).

Watching how proud you(s) was doing, bring on Islam in the middle of people love to be freedom, and I told myself, ‘What had been i do?’ Honestly, I can’t answer with a smile on my face, saying proudly as you are, coz I didn’t do much.

And it was a long time that had been pass that I even take a minute to care how was my brothers and sisters doing; are they well? Are they secure? Are they have enough foods? How about their home? How about people surrounding them? Can they cope it? Really, it takes a year that I don’t bother to take a minute, even second, to think how well they are doing. I am sorry...

O’ Allah grant me the love so that I will always pray for them, as it was just the supplication that I have in put them better when they about hurting in their running, so that, they will get up back and continue the battle.

O’ Allah, bless them in what You have provided for them, and forgive them and have mercy on them.


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