Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Night.

At the night when I was totally broke down. A broken that drive me crying along the way that I drove the car without peace of mind - the night that was just HIM and me. So close. Too close.

Walk in the road that you never imagine to be placed; its hard. Walking in the cloud day, putting the smile on your lips can bring the joy to your heart; wash away the ash colored. 

The day I have to take walk in that road, I realize that was the flow, that He was destiny for me; Alhamdulillah. I walk that road. But I forgot the provision that I must prepare for the journey. And that's why I am here, crying all the night in the car without destination.

Living the day been realized that it was full of empty, it's hurt the soul. And the day getting hard when the body failed to full that empty. I lost my track. I lost my soul. Tears start to flow out - and I miss the day when I sit complaining to Him; how life being hard to me, how bad I am when I keep blaming people for how hurt I am, while I know that was a Test for me - to be a better person.

The nights throw me off that just can only make me say Alhamdulillah. Thank you Rabb, for the day - that I will paints to be a moment. A moment that will bring a soul when I about numb to give up.

Walking in the road that you never choose nor imagined it, you have to carry a basket of hope that sometimes be the inspiration; somehow be a burden, you must learn to carry the responsible, you have to engaged with people that sometimes can give you a misunderstanding situation, you have to wake up everyday told yourself to be positive, you have to chew all the spread word that crush your heart and bring you down. It's not easy; no to difficult too - when self know HE always there. As HE never promised that life would be easy; but HE will be always for us, accompany our journey.

If you wish to smile all the day, you will never know how kind the sadness - that when it comes to you, you will never appreciate it as you warmly welcomed the smile. Life will haunted you with tears, smile, laugh, break down, give up - to make you stand up go through your journey. To be a meaningful one - for HIM, mom and dad, spouse, siblings, and Ummah.

Those who rest not their hope on their meeting with Us but are pleased and satisfied with the life of the present and those who heed not Our Signs. [10:7]


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