Thursday, October 9, 2014

Pursuing For The Future


Catching in the middle of the traffic, for second I realize to spent considering how the world could be different in five or ten years, is like as opposed to worrying about winning in the last stand of journey or how to respond towards the King of our Creator.

Sitting the day doing all the business, I lift my gaze out of the rut and consider what’s out there on the horizon; have I been spent on my external rather than internal? What a percentage of my improvement efforts (quality time-based, cycle routine reduction, etc.) to be presented on Him on the Day of Judgment? Do I devote more benefits for others or just prolonging my property?

For the time being, yet it’s not about the car you used, the house you bought, the children that you have; it’s about how we understand and capable to live the world in the right track.

A failure is not always a mistake; the real mistake is to stop trying.

Balance between hope and anxiety.

Life depends upon the quality of your thoughts; negative that nearer you with the broken-down emotions and positive that drive you far strong, enough to break the border of your ability.

Walking the day, we have been separate between the gap of hope and anxiety; resulting who we are right now. Balancing between the hope and anxiety will help self to be in the right track; as hope will light the day in charging the positive mind and anxiety will lose your ability to change and move forward.

In balancing the hope and anxiety, you must not afraid to be fall. Hope didn’t always come true as what you wish; as your anxiety sometimes didn’t overcast you but come-up to teach what is life. So, do balance the hope and anxiety to be on their right place, as they don’t take you off whereas they were a right teacher to lean on.

If you fall, do get up and walk again. If you hurt, do smile and rub the wound. If you feel the world didn’t belongs to you, ask yourself to be thankful for every moment of happiness that comes in your way.

Change your thoughts; then your world will be changed.


Sipping the coffee in the corner of the street, the step doesn’t sound similar. People come and go; differ. For the first time being in the new land, I get used on the word of stranger. A lot of story to be learn. A part of way to makes a changed.

Stranger. It happen when unknown people come knock your life, mark the footprint, say a few things, and suddenly gone. Leave you in confusion and sometime leave the scar that unexplained. Trying to avoid the stranger still never can complete your day, either avoid your pain or wound your scar. It will happen. Indeed, it will always live coz I am your stranger, and you are my stranger. Till you and I live the life, here the stranger still there.

I sip this bitter coffee thoroughly, so that I hope it will be heal with a little sugar later. As I began to hope, I start to believe. Believe the stranger; is a part of me. They didn’t come to knock my life because they want, but because HE is regulated.

Now, a story name ‘Stranger’ become a guider in my journey. It uses me to paint a smile in tears, wipe the longing with the memory, and teach me how to dance in heavy rain.

For the dark side color of the stranger, take the color pencils (dua’a, tolerance, etc.) and varnish it gently (advise, counsel) till it stained. And for the rest leave it to Him. We can’t change people, but we do can change our self. Take the deficiency to be an advantage. And for the time that a stranger didn’t come to be meaningful to you, they would leave soon; mark the footprint to be lesson.

You cannot stop walking just because people don’t like you.

Full stop.

Learn to write, there are parts where you have put a full stop. Moving your day, you should know when to put a full stop. Coz it teaches you about the limit; how far you can go and when you need to stop.

In every your steps, words, thinking, and behave mind to put the full stop in the right place. Even it can't bail you from doing mistakes; at least it will prevent you from broken when you’re bend.

To the world you might be one person; but to one person you might be the world.


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