Friday, December 7, 2012


"Redha" <is it just a word?
            <or just a said?
"Redha"< Mostly know the meaning of it.
Dr Qardhawi > Redha adalah buah iman kepada taqdir (ketentuan
Allah) dan qana'ah (merasa cukup) dgn rezki yang Dia berikan.

Frankly speaking, to act it>HARD. To say it>EASY. [actually, its depends on yourself. Either to stand on hard or easy]
What I like to share, is about what the miracle behind "Redha".
Did you notice? When you have some hard time, people always said, be redha [adakalanya we just comfort our self, by telling our self to redha]. But, mostly what happened is we still down, sad in tearing, numb in giving up. Then we say to our self, [ohh, bukan mudah nak redha...]
Is not it?
Getting news that telling someone that a part of you was back for the sake [return to his Creator], the feeling it’s not as you failed in add maths. Additionally, when both of you were separate for the long time or having a little conflict that was about just forgiving, but was be block by an 'egomaniac'. That was hard to death. Such as pain that was stabbed with a knife.
At that time how you're gonna pull "redha"? [Tell me] Whereas when ur self’m [already] dying.
So how gonna to be "redha"?
For those joy and sad, please buried that believe. "redha" its not like a rain that wash the dust away slightly. "Redha" is 'b' over 'a' to get 'm'.
Lets assume:-
a-the prob
b-the redha
m-to be redha
To get know 'a' you must know where its come, which way that it stand[identify the prob]. As 'b' is over 'a', you know how to get heal it[solutions]. So, at the end you will get the 'm'. That’s what "Redha" coming up.
For sure, you dont have to grab the scientific calculator at the moments you want to hold redha. But what you need is just KALAMUALLAH:)
Even how hard you wanna start it [absolutely la kan with tears+cecair yang going through nose and segala bagai perisa2 sampingan yang tak henti2 mencurah] just stay look at it. Pull your breath [like was doing cpr tutorial just now.**] seek the strength then recite. In shaa Allah, the deep long you go away, momentarily you will find the "redha"+solace:)


Still ada yang said, [Eh, kalo dah sedey bagai nak rak mana ke nak sempatnyer nak capai Quran. Pe tah lagi nak ngaji…]

Is it true?
Of course NOT! [say it with 5harakaat]

Why not? Apepasal tak boleh??? por qué no?? [nak capai handphone and call ‘somebodyspecial’ boley plak??] Don’t you think it just an EXCUSE semata~? [dan itulah hakikatnya…]

I don’t know what your stand. But I just have one question. Did they can heal your pain?sad? [you can say yes] But for how long? [I bet after you drop the call, you still feel it] WHY? B’coz they also just a HUMAN that never run from doing mistake, that never lonely with tears, that also depends on Allah, THE CREATOR.

How long you want to deny yourself? How far you wanna keep an excuse? Its never effect HIM but you.. Nothing impossible in this world [with HIS permission]. And OF COURSE not IMPOSSIBLE to RECITE QURAN in sadness.

Recite Qur’an < many ways to do.

When you don’t have a strength > take your mp3/handphone/iPod [and yg semakna dgnnya] then do listen. Slowly you gonna join to recite it. [believe meJ]

Actually, the POSSIBLE come towards IMPOSSIBLE. As LIFE was NOT EASY, let’s break our strength to make it EASY! [Don’t forget the key > ALLAH SWT]
Is it impossible??
Do try. If not sue me! [juz joke]
May Allah bless us in our searching of the truth path. Barakallah. Assalamuallaikum.

Terkadang dalam celahan air mata yang mengalir
Kita sering merasakan keseorangan
Walau hakikatnya Dia ada..

Pejamkan matamu
Rasakan sentuhan cintaNya
Yakinlah Dia bersamamu..
Sesungguhnya Dia sangat dekat..

Tika hujan menimpa bumi
Aku ternanti kehadiran sang pelangi
Walau langit masih diselubungi kelamnya sang awan 
Namun Aku tetap yakin sang pelangi pasti kan tiba!
Sesungguhnya Dia tak kan pernah biarkan hambaNya menangis..

Terima kasih Illahi..
Menghadirkan ‘mereka’ tika aku hampir rebah..

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