Monday, July 4, 2011


Today, I’m lost in my memories
I’m still trying to forget everything bout her
Despite all the scars she left on my heart
But I’m losing my way again

I look up the sky every night
You touched my heart that used to be ice in front of the world
You let my egoistic and pain change to tears
I can never go back to the way I was before

I told myself it wasn’t love
Pretending nothing has happened
I deceived myself….
Unknowingly I started to cry
Love spreads as I erase it
Coming deep inside of my memories
Don’t leave me…..

Day after day
There’s no where left to fall
I continue to live my life
But I still get teary whenever I heard your name

The days I can’t endure more
I end up packing back and forth
But my heart kept calling your name
Even though it hurts so much
Even though it’s hard
My heart can’t let you go
Every second you grow in my heart…

Once again today
When I wake up at night from the loneliness inside
Love spread your name…
It’s ok if I hurt
It’s ok if my heart breaks
Coz I love you so much
I can’t let you go….

I throw away all
But the thing that remains me is not the memories
It is this moment!
Then I realize the love I met…..are YOU
Don’t love anyone else
Coz you’re still holding me tightly
Even though I can’t see you anymore….

Continuity from novel Damsel~
Akif Arryan > Annur Insyira.
 Dazz 11.01.11;03.17

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